Saturday, November 27, 2010

Red ruffed lemur

The red ruffed lemur (Varecia rubra) is a species of lemur found in Madagascar rainforests.  It is one of the two species of ruffed lemurs, the other one being the black and white ruffed lemur.  It is  endangered due to habitat loss and poaching.  

Physical Features                        A red ruffed lemur uses its tail for balancing
The red ruffed lemur can weigh about 3 kilograms.  It has a tail which is longer than its body.  Its body is 53 centimeters long while the tail is 60 centimeters.  Females are larger than males.  They have a rusty body color and a ruff near its head with the same color.  They have a white or pink patch on their neck.  Their stomach, head, feet, tail and the inside of their legs are black in color.  They are tree dwelling primates with a cat like nose.  They have a long tail to balance themselves while jumping from one tree to another.

Red ruffed lemurs normally feed on vegetation like flowers, leaves, seeds and fruits.  Their favorite food is fig.   

The red ruffed lemur is endemic to the rainforests of Madagascar like all lemurs.  They are mainly found in Eastern Madagascar, in the Masoala National Park.

The red ruffed lemur has few natural predators.  One of their worst natural predator is the fossa.  The fossa chases them around tree tops and finally catches them.  Humans are another threat to them.  Due to poaching and habitat loss,  the red ruffed lemur's range has greatly decreased.  Their are about 200 red ruffed lemurs in about 42 different zoos worldwide.  

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