Sunday, March 31, 2013

Coast Horned Lizard

The coast horned lizard ( Phrynosoma coronatum) is a species of horned lizard found in the eastern part of North America. 

Physical Features
The coast horned lizard measures up to 10 cm ( 4 inches) excluding its tail, making it relatively larger than some of the other horned lizards.  These lizards have a flat, oval shaped body that has sharp spines around the edges.  These lizards are less rounded than other horned lizards.  Spiny scales are also present over its back.  The skin of these lizards appear to be rough but are actually smooth in most of the places.  The coast horned lizard has a crown of horns or a coronet on its head.  The central two spines, referred to as the horns, are the longest.  The color of a coast horned lizard can vary from yellow to beige which helps it to camouflage with the surrounding.

Distribution and Habitat
The coast horned lizard is found in the western parts of North America.  They have a very small range.  They are found in Baja California and California's Scaramento Valley.  The coast horned lizard can be found in forest clearings and scrub land.

The coast horned lizard mainly feeds on small insects and other invertebrates.  The main constituents of their diet are ants.

The coast horned lizard is diurnal; they are active during the morningThey spend all their time on land.

The coast horned lizard is common but can be easily overlooked.

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