Saturday, March 31, 2012

10 Weirdest Animals In The World


This is a squid worm.  At first when discovered in 2010, scientists couldn't tell if it was a worm or a squid.  It is now the first member of a new family in the class Polychaeta of segmented worms.

The angora rabbit is a domestic breed of rabbit.  It is known for the amount of soft and long fur it has on its body.  It is one of the oldest type of domestic rabbit.


This repulsive looking creature is a blobfish which inhabits the deep waters off the coasts of Australia.  Its jelly-like body allows it to float in water.  It swallows any edible matter that comes in its way.
                                                        DUMBO OCTOPUS

The dumbo octopus get its name as its ears resemble the ears of the character 'Dumbo' in a movie by Walt Disney.  They are very rare. 
                                                             RED UAKARI

The red uakari is a primate.  It is known for its red face.  It is found in the rainforests of the Amazon.  
                                                          GIRAFFE WEEVIL

The giraffe weevil is a species of weevil native to Madagascar.  It is known for its unusually long neck which gives it this name.


The glass frog is one of the most fascinating amphibians in the world.  Its transparent skin allows one to see what is going on inside the body.  The organs of the frog are visible in this picture.

                                                          KOMONDOR DOG

The komondor dog is a very unique dog.  It has unusually long hair which resemble dreadlocks.  It has the most amount of hair of any canine in the world.


The cyclops shark is a very rare shark found in Mexico.  It has a single functioning eye on the center of its head.


The marsupial mole is a marsupial which is seen very rarely.  Details of its breeding is hardly known as it is very difficult to see.  It is considered to be endangered.