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The quokka (Setonix brachyurus) is a species of marsupial found in South western Australia.  It is about the size of a domestic cat and lives in groups.  It is very rare on mainland Australia.  It is also the only member of the genus Sentonix.

Physical Features
The quokka is like a small wallaby, measuring about 40 cm to 90 cm (16 to 21inches) excluding the tail length.  The tail is about 25 cm to 35 cm (10 to 14 inches).  It can have a maximum weight of 5 kilograms. They have big, round ears and has a stocky build.  Quokkas have coarse fur which is grizzled with brown.  They have the ability to climb trees and shrubs.  They have a gestation period of 27 days and the single young will leaves the pouch in 6 months.  Quokkas a quite stout tail.
A quokka eating in a zoo
The quokka is a herbivore, eating shrubs, grass and different types of leaves.  In the western part of Rottnest island, when there is less water, quokkas will eat leaves from succulent plant in order to get enough water.

Distribution and habitat
The quokka is found only on the islands of Rottnest and Bald.  They mainly live on these two islands because of introduced predators such as foxes are not found on these islands.  Quokkas inhabit thick forests, open woodland, low scrub and swamp edges where available.

Conservation Status
The quokka is rated as vulnerable by IUCN.  They can be found roaming on the Rottnest island near their stronghold.  They are decreasing in numbers due to habitat loss prosecution.  Quokkas are popular tourist attractions.  Sometimes, tourists will feed these animals but, modern foods might upset the animal's digestive system.

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  1. Hi Saketh. I went to Rottnest Island once and saw the Quokkas. They are very cute!